Team totals-NAC

NAC team totals
Men – Canada 21, USA 7
Women – Canada 14, USA 13
Folkins total: Canada 35, USA 20
Men – Canada 10, USA 10 (Canada wins by one point on shot differential)
Women – Canada 13, USA 8
Jarvis total: Canada 23, USA 18
Canada 58, USA 38

Game-by-game results can be viewed here.

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Canada sweeps trophies at NAC

Congratulations to Canada on winning all the awards at the recently completed North American Challenge between Canada and the USA. The only close competition was for the Jarvis Men’s trophy, which was tied at 10 wins each, with Canada winning by virtue of a one point shot differential on total points for and against.

Canada goes home with the following trophies and plaques:
• Men’s and Women’s Folkins
• Men’s and Women’s Jarvis
• Overall winner (combined Folkins and Jarvis)

The real winner was the great competition amongst friendly rivals, fine sportsmanship displayed by all players, and friendships that were renewed or made as a result of this event.

Thank you, Milwaukee LBC, for hosting such a fine event!

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…more details to follow. For game-by-game results, click here.

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Fours finals results

A Final:
Women – CAN Jarvis and USA Folkins tie, 18-18 (Canada scored a 7 in final end for the tie)
Men – CAN Folkins def. USA Folkins, 23-13
B Final:
Women – CAN Folkins def. USA Jarvis, 14-11
Men – CAN Jarvis def. USA Jarvis, 28-9

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Singles finals results

A Finals:
CAN Jurgen Fessler (Jarvis) def. USA Steve Nelson (Jarvis), 21-14
USA Dee McSparren (Folkins) def. MaryAnn Beath (Jarvis), 21-19
B Finals:
CAN Michel Larue (Folkins) def. USA Michael Siddall (Folkins), 21-5
CAN Josephine Lee (Folkins) def. USA Michele Arculli (Jarvis), 21-10

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2nd round singles results

CAN MaryAnn Beath def. USA Dee McSparren, 21-7
CAN Joesphine Lee def. USA Michele Arculli, 21-16
USA Steve Nelson def. CAN Michel Larue, 21-9
CAN Jurgen Fessler def. USA Michael Siddall, 21-15
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Canada leads 37-27 vs USA at end of day two

Canada men’s Folkins and Jarvis fours teams won both games at the NAC to push Canada’s lead back to 10 points against the USA. Canada and USA each won two singles matches and the women’s fours split their two games. Click here for game-by-game results.

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